I am not exactly what I would call a “chocolate-lover”.  I know, it’s weird, a girl who doesn’t like chocolate.  Every time I mention this, I get weird looks.  But chocolate (unless it’s breakable white chocolate) is not my thing.  However, sometimes, I find myself craving the very thing that I am not fond of: chocolate.  But, I don’t just want any type of chocolate, I want it (I need it) in brownie form. Neither a truffle nor a piece of chocolate cake will do; it needs to be a brownie.

In the past, as soon as I would have my craving, I would buy some brownies.  This would usually result in an immense amount of guilt because it was not exactly conducive to my attempts at leading healthy life.  So, I decided that instead of ignoring my cravings (which would end up making things worse because I always would succumb to them in a gluttonous fashion), I would satisfy them with my own creation.  I do love to bake and to cook, so it only made sense that if it was within my abilities to make something that I would do just that.  All I had to do was find a simple brownie recipe, and then make it my own by substituting healthier ingredients and then adding something a little extra.

When I make brownies, I make two different kinds:  A spicy brownie (it contains ground cayenne pepper) and the other is a floral brownie (it contains lavender).  I have tried different measurements and ingredients (including using black beans instead of flour), but this is my favorite.  It could be healthier, but it is at least guilt free (especially if you don’t eat all of it at once).

So the ingredients that I use are as follows:

¾ cup of natural sugar (I try to use anything but fully processed white sugar. I like organic, raw, brown sugar the best.)

¾ cup of organic coconut oil

¼ cup of organic raw cacao powder

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tsp of almond extract (mine actually is from Haiti is called “Essence Noyau” but I believe it’s the same thing.  It smells like almonds)

2 organic eggs

½ cup of whole wheat flour

¼ cup of milled flaxseed

¼ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp sea salt (Since I have started using the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, I have never looked back)

2 tbls Godiva Liqueur (I use the white chocolate one, but I am sure that the other flavors would work as well.)

¾ tsp of ground cayenne pepper/ ¾ tsp whole lavender (depending on which kind of brownie you are making)

The ingredients can be added in any order.  The order in which they are written just happens to be the order that I use. Just make sure of two things:  1) the coconut oil needs to be melted and 2) the eggs needs to be beaten.  As I add the ingredients, I use a wooden spoon to mix them.  I prefer using a wooden spoon to an electric mixer (so old school, right?) because of how the texture of whatever I am baking turns out.  The electric mixer tends to make the texture of my cakes/brownies too smooth.  But that’s just me.  If you prefer very smooth, I would suggest using an electric mixer. 

            This recipe can serve about 10 with each serving being about 265 calories. 
This is right before I put it in the oven. I used mini loaf pans.

This is when it cool enough for me to cut and eat a small piece of each. And goodness, did I EVER enjoy eating this. I can’t look at these pictures for too long. My mouth is watering.